Not every back complaint is the same. The muscles, vertebrae,intervertebral discs,
joint capsules, connective tissue and nervous system all play an important role in the movement
of the back.

First consultation consists of FOUR STEPS

meeting with the chiropractor

Je begint met een gesprek met de chiropractor. Dit gebeurt aan de hand van de vragenlijst die u heeft ingevuld. U bespreekt uw klachten en uw medische geschiedenis. Vervolgens vindt er een uitgebreid lichamelijk onderzoek plaats. De chiropractor voert chiropractische, orthopedische en neurologische tests uit. Indien gewenst laten wij röntgenfoto’s of MRI-scans maken of opvragen, zodat we over alle benodigde informatie beschikken.


If there is reason for further investigation,  X-rays will be  taken (in practice in  The Hague ) or an investigation with the  iDXA-Scan will follow  (in practices in  Heemstede and Koog a / d Zaan )
a. A Total Body scan will be made (an exact measurement of the muscle tissue and fat mass in the body, per body part);
b. We take pictures of the spine;
c. If desired, we do an osteoporosis (bone density) investigation.

Subluxation Scan

We then measure the functioning of your nervous system with the  Subluxation Scan:
– Measurement of the flexibility of the spine in all movements;
– Measurement of heart rate, skin temperature and skin moisture release;
– Measurement of nerve irritation of all organs in the body;
– Measurement of the function of the muscles around the spine;
– Pain / irritation measurement, by applying pressure to the painful areas.

blood pressure

Finally, your  blood pressure is  measured

Your nervous system operates and controls all of your bodily functions.
The nerves make all movements possible, bring emotions to the brain, keep you balanced and upright, control your organs and the circulation of the blood.

Second consultation

During the Second consultationyou will receive the results of all examinations.


The iDXA Scan provides the chiropractor with information about your spine. With the iDXA Scan we can make an exact measurement of your bone mass, muscle tissue and fat mass. It is currently the newest, most reliable and detailed research method in bone density measurements worldwide.

Who is the iDXA Total Body Scan for?

Anyone interested in his / her health can have an iDXA Scan made. This naturally applies to our patients, but also to people who are not (yet) patients.


The iDXA Osteoporosis Scan

The iDXA Scan provides an accurate analysis of your bone status. This results in a T-score, which indicates the quality of the bone.

The iDXA Total Body and DVA Scan

The iDXA Scan makes X-ray images of the skeleton; these give a clear view of your bones and joints. These images can contribute to the detection of degeneration (wear / arthrosis) and scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine).

The iDXABody Composition Scan

An exact measurement of the muscle tissue and fat mass in the body is made. This has been worked out per body part. Fat in certain parts of the body increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

For instance:

  • Anyone who wants to know if his / her  bone status, muscle tissue and fat mass are  in the desired condition. With this information it can be determined which areas in the body require extra attention;
  • People who belong to the  risk group for osteoporosis  . Treatment is possible if it is identified in time.
  • Athletes who want to train certain body parts can measure the changes in muscle mass. This way, they can monitor the  effectiveness of a training schedule.
  • Rehabilitation patients can monitor their progress in the  recovery of muscle function  . This is important information for the healing process.
  • People who have a  diet to follow , to get an overview of the exact fat and muscle content of the body.
  • For  children  taking medications that can affect bone mass (such as asthma / bronchitis medications), bone health can be monitored. 

The costs of an iDXA Scan are EUR 80.00 for patients of Chiropractie Munksgaard and EUR 140.00 for non-patients. For more information, please contact the assistant.

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